About Us

From necessity to pleasure

At Hog & Hedge we feel there is an opportunity to change the perception of what roadside services can offer, and re-establish the connection to universally desirable concepts: travel, exploration and adventure; the joy of the open road; the great British countryside.

The journey not the destination

Hog & Hedge will always offer a fast takeout service for drivers in a hurry, but our true aim is to encourage people to spend a little longer with us. This means changing current consumer behaviour, and helping you think about car journeys in a whole new way: as an opportunity to enjoy a break rather than the fastest way to get from A to B.

A sense of space

Our aim is to get people to value the journey as much as their destination, so we have created an authentic sense of place where you can engage with your location. Hog & Hedge has designed a space that promotes uniqueness, individuality, a sense of Britishness and a connection with the local landscape, which feels less concrete car park, and more 21st century coaching inn.

A taste of the countryside

Our A-roads run through the great British countryside, and roadside services are by their nature located in rural locations rather than urban centres. We have taken inspiration from the natural and traditional values of the countryside to ensure we deliver on our brand promises of fresh, natural food, a safe and homely environment, and courteous and helpful service.

Refreshed and rewarded

We have a range of audiences from the commuter, professional driver and business traveller to the day tripper, weekender and holiday maker. What you all have in common is the desire to feel refreshed with a service that delivers on the essentials – food, facilities, ambience and service. At Hog & Hedge we want to give you everything you want and more – ensuring you feel rewarded for making a brilliant choice, and eager to come back again.

Stay awhile…

Hog & Hedge is on a mission to put the pleasure back into long car journeys by providing an engaging and enjoyable destination en route. We want to encourage you to escape the cramped conditions of your cars, stretch your legs, share some food and stay a while.

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